36 great Electrical Engineering books

As an Electrical Engineer, we all need great books to learn from, or use as a reference. And finding a good book, among tens and sometimes hundreds of choices is not easy. In this post we have tried to compile a list of some great Electrical Engineering books. We created the list by contacting some experts in the field, and also by reading a lot of reader's reviews.

192.168.o.1 change password

It is very important to comprehend why you will need to alter the dlink router password default settings to something a bit more secure, so WHNME will explain how. At this point you know several tactics to access your dlink router login box from anywhere on the planet. Change password appears just enjoy another endpoint […]

snapseed for pc online

One of the latest emulators with a few of the most innovative feature sets is the Nox App Player. If you're interested in the software then here is a concise guide on the way you can get it running on your computer. With only a few of simple steps which you will have Snapseed running […]

Genetic Algorithm for search and optimization

What is genetic algorithm? In a nutshell genetic algorithm is a search or optimization algorithm that is inspired by natural selection or the survivor of the fittest. Genetic algorithm is a powerful engineering tool that can be used to solve nonlinear optimization problems, and can increase the search speed significantly. How does it work? Assuming […]

SNR and ENOB in Analog-to-Digital Converters

In this blog post we explain the relationship between the signal-to-noise ratio and effective-number of bits in an ADC. We will explain that in practice the relationship is also a function of peak-to-average power ratio of the input signal.

Minutify is born!

Minutify is a website dedicated to learning essential concepts in Electrical Engineering. As the time is scarce and every day we get busy and busier, it would be nice if we could learn something very quickly. There is no worries as Minutify is here to help!